About Us

Appandus was established in the year 2011 by two co-founders, Desmond Tay and Jeff Lin.
They are both ex-colleagues from a banking solution vendor company for a few years.

Desmond was previously involved in pre-sales and has a history of managing Big Data solutions of corporate world projects.
Jeff has a very strong technical background of various software engineering skills and databases technology knowledge.
Their passion of building a mobile app business sparked from Jeff’s app that was first created in Desmond’s iPhone 3GS.
They humbly started as a home-based business and today, they have their very own team in Kelana Jaya Office, with a company revenue growth of almost 100% every year.

Appandus personalizes and produces white label for client’s brand through mobile app for iOS and Android, which specializes in mobile commerce, loyalty rewards, and merchant
brand wallet solutions. They are the evangelist of Cardless, Cashless, and Formless in business operation activities.
They provide simple and adaptable App-as-a-solution (AaaS) to chained retail businesses and F&B industries. For instance, businesses like restaurants, hotels, saloons, retail stores,service providers, cinema/concert ticketing, and more.

Over the years, they assist their clients in the aspect of loyalty marketing and commerce efficiency via mobile smart device innovations.
One of the tools the mobile app solutions can do is to simplify and digitize membership registration process, increase brand-member engagement, reduce marketing and operation costs,
as well as preparation time for marketing.

Communication is the key element of branding. Many brand owners are willing to spent millions in customer loyalty communication. The typical and cliche-ridden way is email marketing,
in which the mail could be automatically moved to junk. Another conventional move is SMS marketing that is known for its high cost and unmeasurable result of response. However, this member loyalty app is free and better yet, it provides measurable responses. It also sends notifications to remind users about upcoming vouchers and rewards which will ease loyal customers into managing their rewards.

Appandus promotes O2O (Online-To-Offline) commerce via Brand app through mobile voucher or ticket purchase, service reservation, product pre-order and pick-up.
Appandus is an app that is available for all mobile which will increase the leverage of brands as a new sales channel as compared to other brands. Members can now purchase anytime and anywhere with the mobile app intact.
Merchant Brand wallet allows members to top-up their credit and spend in-store or online. The said credit in the wallet will get members spend more in their regular stores. Besides, brand members can use the credit for O2O transaction payments as well.

The secret weapon of Appandus is their various specialized mobile app marketing campaigns (which keeps strong brand-members engagement) as part of their key features in
mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which makes Appandus stands out. Besides, their unique business model that is a result-oriented charging
model, makes the team work harder and more effective than other solutions provider.

Since Desmond has a wide grasp of Big Data solutions, Appandus will obtain Business Intelligence visualization tools as part of their solutions
for clients’ data analytical insights. For instance, there are functions such as knowing customer spending behaviour, detecting downfall and being aware of product up-sell and cross-sell association. These
will lead them in making better and well informed decisions in marketing strategies.

A few examples of current clients of Appandus are Perodua, MPH Bookstore, Donutes Bakery Cafe and etc..