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Dashboard & Analytics

Appandus helps you to learn your loyal customers’ behaviours.
Getting your business exposed to just sales and numbers is not enough.
The true worth is knowing your customers’ interests and concerns

Area of Analytics

download-1     App Download

member     Member

transaction     Transaction

voucher      Voucher

Area of Analytics

reward      Reward

campaigning      Campaign

app-activity      App Activities

audit      Audit

App Campaigns

With analytical data insights, you can launch app campaign by yourself, for specific purposes, from new member referral to attrition prevention.

Type of App Campaigns (By purpose)

New Members Acquisition
Up-Selling / Revenue Increment
New Product Introduction
Cross-Selling / Product Association


Too much hassle with POS integration ? Terminal is the solution.

Features supported:

• Thermal Printer

• NFC Reader

• Barcode / QR Code Scanner

• Magnetic Card Reader

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